The First Post

Hello all,

Here, I’ll provide you with some tips for staying well, healthy, and above all, happy. I am a working professional and sometimes find it difficult to motivate myself to make healthy decisions; To pick the right foods, when its so easy to turn to carry out or deliver. To go for the jog when all I want to do is lay on the couch and watch netflix. To turn to the cocktail with friends instead of taking the time to really figure out what I need for myself. To stay awake and socialize when my body says to sleep. And when the winter hits, it’s bad and you really don’t want to do anything but eat chili.

Sometimes, I like to tell myself, if I lived in the mountains or near the beach, I would be more apt to go out and do active things. It is true, but I shouldn’t let my location choice stump my ability to do good things for myself and neither should you.

Follow me on my journey on bringing the mentality of being in nature, and on your own, into the city of Chicago. There’s a lot going on here.


Hungry for more,

The midwest marmot





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