Fitness Goals

There are times when I am at the gym, running on the tread mill, or lifting weights, not really thinking about what I am really trying to achieve. I go through the work out motions in order to not feel guilty for eating the chocolate I will consume an hour after my work out. I use my work outs to unwind after a long day of work and clear my head, but when it comes to seeing results,  it helps to stay motivated when you have a goal.

I still actively practice aerial silks dance, but I am looking for new ideas for my work out routine. I think the best way to stay motivated and even begin your fitness routine, is to make a fitness goal and seek inspiration that will keep you actively working towards it. How can you find your fitness goal if you don’t have one? It can be really simple.

1) Pick an image.

What one activity do you want to do? Do you want to stand up on a surfboard? Do you want to learn a hand stand? Do you want to do the perfect basketball layup? Do you want to throw the perfect pitch? Do you want to go down the hill on a snowboard without falling on your butt?

This is something you need to imagine in your mind doing. This athletic activity may be something that is close to your physical reach, or you may be far from it. You need an image in your mind of what skill you want to achieve in order to work towards it.

My image is this girl doing a hand stand balance…with a back bend and some crazy leg work.

amanda bisk

2) Target your muscle groups.

What parts of your body do you need to strengthen to perform the image you picked? If you picked a basketball layup, you will need to focus on leg work and coordination. Build muscle around the quads and calves. Maybe you need some core strength to get the perfect jump and arm strength to push the ball up. It might take coordination from all the muscle groups, but you need to find the correct muscles for that skill and start building that muscle. Looking up videos on youtube will provide guidance on how to achieve the skill.

For the handstand, I will have to focus on developing arm strength in the shoulders, triceps, and core strength for stability. I am watching these videos by Kino MacGregor to learn how to gain muscle strength in both of these areas and practice getting into the hand stand by taking baby steps.

3) Work on your craft at least once a week.

Once a week is all it takes to begin. Ideally, you could practice every day but once a week is better than never. Commit 15 minutes a week. That 15 minutes will slowly work towards 30 minutes, then an hour, Then, hopefully that will multiply to 3 times a week and become part of your routine. The most challenging part is to get started but once you find that groove, and find that your body is changing and getting stronger, you will want to keep doing it.

4) Stay motivated. Pick your person.

Who or what is motivating you? Is it the image that you selected in the very first step? Is it a friend that is working toward the same goal? I find that instagram is a very powerful tool to find inspiration. There are people out training and doing the things you want to do. It’s all possible! You can do it too. Watch the video or review the image daily. Yes, daily. This will be a constant reminder of what you are working towards. If you let this motivation slip, you will revert back to your old ways.

The motivators that I have are the two women mentioned in this post:

Amanda Bisk and Kino MacGregor.


Both athletes and extremely strong, their words and images inspire me and keep me motivated towards my fitness goal. I follow them everyday.

Have you picked your fitness goal? Are you practicing once a week? How do you stay inspired?

Hungry for more,

The Midwest Marmot


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