Too Busy for This

Who I am – Busy

These days, everyone is too busy for everything. You can’t make a friendly call to your husband/wife/parents because you’re too busy with a meeting. You can’t prepare a meal because you’re too busy cleaning a mess. You don’t have time to work out because you’re busy planning your wedding/engagement. You can’t work on your book because you’re busy uploading pictures to your new social media site. You can’t make dinner because you’re too busy writing your blog 😛

Are you really that busy? Or are these just easy excuses to make?

In my family, social, and professional life, I am always seen as the busy one. I constantly have some event to be part of or somewhere to be, never content just being. I used these events as a distraction or an excuse from what was truly important – myself.

Why I’m Here

The purpose of this blog is to help you get rid of your excuses and help you make the conscious decision to do things that are good for your body, mind, and the others around you. This blog is full of simple ideas, and small additions you can add to your daily routine if you truly are “busy.” These ideas mainly revolve around health and fitness, but will help you figure out what is truly important so you are not so busy all of the time.


One thought on “Too Busy for This

  1. this is so true and so frustrating to deal with at times … This “busy” business. How much of it is self created and is used as a distraction to address a deeper need or to cover up a deeper emotion. Agree that sometimes you are just plan busy and need some simple tips on how to come back down and be in the moment … If only for a little bit!


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