Beet and Sweet Potato Mix

Have you ever come home from a long day of work realizing you don’t have anything in your kitchen to eat? I saw that I had a beet and a sweet potato left over from a week before and decided to finally cook them. Luckily, these two ingredients I had in stock are packed full of nutrition and super easy to cook. Beets are full of glycine betaine which aids in fighting the toxins that cause stroke and coronary heart disease, and can even ease depression. Beets can test how your digestive system works.

This quick and easy snack was inspired by a lyssandlemon’s back to basics salad, which is a nice and filling meal!

This beet and sweet potato mix can be eaten at any time. I ate these as a side to my pot roast, and then ate some of the leftovers for lunch and then breakfast for the next few days.

Three ingredients:

1) Beets

2) Sweet Potato

3) Nuts – sunflower seeds, almonds, pecans. I used sunflower seeds!

Five Steps:

1) Wash and peel beets and sweet potato

2) Cut beets and sweet potatoes into cubes


2a) To reduce clean up time, place saran wrap on top of your cutting board as the beets dye everything pink!


3) Toss sweet potato with a spoon of coconut oil

4) Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes

4a) Option – The beets will be crunchy after baking. For a slightly softer beet, you can steam for 15 minutes. For super soft beets, you can boil, but boiling strips the beet of its nutritional value.

5) Mix seeds and nuts with beets and sweet potato.


Beets, sweet potatoes and nuts are the only ingredients you need – and it’s a quick and easy side.

How did your recipe turn out? What else did you mix in there?

Hungry for more,

The Midwest Marmot


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