A Day of Cleaning – 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Space

Happy President’s Day all! I am fortunate enough to have the day off of my 9-5pm job and can spend the day relaxing…and cleaning.

Last week, I spent a lot of time at the office, came home late, and basically didn’t care about my personal space. I took a nice hard look around my apartment today and noticed all of the clutter. There was food all over the counter, the Christmas decorations were still up, and there was a basically a lot of commotion.

Studies have shown that your surroundings and the people you surround yourself with really influence your emotions and well being. Take an office for example, if you are working under florescent lighting all day, with no sunlight, in a messy, cramped up cubicle, how do you think you will feel leaving after working for 9 hours? The same analogy can be applied to your home. If your home is a place of rest and relaxation and you are living in a cramped space full of clutter and dust, are you going to feel very relaxed? You don’t have to wait until spring to do your “cleaning.” Do it now, and see how much better you feel!

Here are some ideas to improve your living space:

1) First, reduce the clutter and get rid of the things you don’t need. Make your space simple. The frequent buyer coupon from the restaurant you’ve only been to once? Good riddance. The boots that are worn out that you have been waiting to wear again, but you know you never will? Donate those leftover clothes and shoes.

2) Smells. To eliminate the smells in carpets, sprinkle the carpet with baking soda and let it absorb for an hour. Then, vacuum the powder up. To eliminate the smell in the kitchen, add a lemon to your garbage disposal, grind it up and it will smell a whole lot better. For a musty room, slice an onion in half, place on a plate and leave in room for a couple hours. That onion will absorb any weird odors. My favorite thing to do at the end is to light candles and add a nice smell to the room.

3) Feeling a bit claustrophobic? Hang mirrors to bounce off more light and make the room look bigger and more spacious. Utilize more light by including white furniture, or white walls.

4) Color is very important to the mood of room. Try adding tranquil colors such as blue and green to calm your mood. Red colors can boost feelings of warmth and love, but also signal intensity. Try using different shades of the same color.

5) Add life to your room and pick up some plants or flowers. Cacti are very easy to take care of. Gerbera daisies or tulips can add a splash of color and happiness to any room.

Gerbera daisies can easily brighten up a room

Gerbera daisies can easily brighten up a room

What are your cleaning strategies? Do you feel so much better?

Hungry for more,

The Midwest Marmot


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