Two of My Favorite Balls…Exercise Balls

Hello hump day!

For my workout today, I decided to target my core. I stared at my two favorite (exercise) balls in the gym: Yoga ball and the Bosu Ball. These two fitness pieces are great for stretching, toning muscles, and finding balance. These work outs below will target the arms, core, and legs. If you are new to exercising with these balls, just practice getting down the technique of a flat back, and tight core. It is more important to do each exercise with proper form only a few times, rather than to repeat the exercise multiple times with poor form, which can result in injury. Exercise with caution and listen to your body.

Yoga Ball Pass Back

1) Starting position: Start off laying down straight on a mat holding the yoga ball above your head.


2) Pass the ball: Keeping your neck lax, and back straight, bring your legs up and your arms (holding the ball) into a pike. You should be using your core, your legs, and your arms to crunch up and pass the ball from your arms to your legs.


3) SQUEEZE your legs and slowly bring the ball down to the floor in a controlled manner. Try not to just drop and plop your legs to the mat. Keep legs straight out and do not bend at knees. Slowly lower your legs to the ground.


4) Bring legs back up with the yoga ball, and pass the ball to your hands, and return to start position.

5) Try to pass the ball at least 10 times. If you cannot do the ball transfer between legs and hands, work on just raising the ball up and down with your legs from position #2 and #3.

If you can do this 10 times, move on to the next work out with my next favorite ball…

The Bosu Ball


How do I use this thing? There are so many exercises you can do with the Bosu Ball and that is why I really enjoy adding it to my workout routine. You can stand on it and work your entire body, but let’s focus on the arms and core again. This ball will really help you build muscles for balance.

Bosu Ball Push Ups

1) Turn Bosu Ball upside down, so that the ball is on the floor, and the black bottom is facing you.

Start in a plank position. Back straight, hips up, and hands on the handles of the Bosu Ball.


2) Lower slowly to a push up. Remember to keep back straight and aligned with hips. Do not let your lower back drop.



3) Push back up to plank position. That is one push up! Do 10 push ups, then alternate exercises between the yoga ball and the Bosu ball.


If your whole body is shaking during this push up, you are completely normal and doing well! That is how you know you are working on building your muscles in your back, abs, legs, and arms.

For beginners, hold position #1 for 30 seconds, then go back to your yoga ball and do the pass backs. If your arms or torso is shaking while trying to balance, tighten your abs, tighten legs, and raise your hips and hold as long as you can. Embrace the shaking because you will start building that muscle to keep your balance!

What are your favorite exercises ball? Do you use the yoga ball for any other activities?

Hungry for more,

The Midwest Marmot


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