Aerial Dance

I started training to be an aerial dancer about a year ago.  Yes, I am one of those girls in that link. In the very beginning, I couldn’t even lift my body six inches off the ground. I could barely stay in the air for more than two seconds.

My first aerial class: It doesn’t look like I’m struggling but I was very exhausted getting into this cocoon less than a foot off the ground with the silk wrapped around my ankle.


A year later, with much conditioning, support, and motivation, I can hang upside down 30 feet in the air, and aerial dance for five minutes. Five minutes is a long time when you are consistently engaging every muscle in your body. Hopefully one day, I can endure thirty minutes.. but I know that will take some time.

I remember when I first began, none of it seemed possible. How could I find enough arm strength to pull myself up and climb the silk? How am I supposed to invert without jumping from the ground? My hands hurt. My wrists hurt. My back, abs, legs . Everything hurt. The silks would give my feet and my hips bruises. How does fabric give anyone a bruise?

I was determined. Every night I would watch videos like this amazing lady and this crazy dancer. Seeing these performers kept me motivated and I wanted to do what they were able to. It takes time and consistent practice to get to the level that seems unachievable, but it is COMPLETELY POSSIBLE. Read more about finding your fitness goal in this blog and learn that small attempts can lead to extraordinary accomplishments.


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